different flowers, same plant

AnneCecilia z5 MIApril 26, 2009

One of my noids has suddenly put out a different type of flower along side the original. I moved it from one area of the house to another at Easter time and wondering if that could have triggered it? The original blooms are the frilly pink-ish lavender ones. The newest ones are definitely purple with less of the "frill." Any thoughts on this?

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Your beautiful plant may be "sporting" or mutating. A sport is a plant with different characteristics than it's parent (if grown from a leaf) or from how the plant originally looked. The tendency of AVs to sport has led to the large variety of bloom and leaf colors and types we have available today. Some plants sport for no apparent reason, but stress (caused by chemicals such as insecticides, by over-fertilization, too warm a temperature, etc.) can cause it too. If it's sporting, eventually your plant may only have purple blooms, so if you like the original appearance you can set leaves from the good side and grow some babies.

A plant will also sometimes revert to the appearance of one of its parents. A plant's parents may look nothing like their children!

Another possibility is that the plant has seasonal bloom changes. Some plants will flower differently during the year due to variations in light, temperature, and length of day. I have one plant with blooms that change so dramatically during the year that you wouldn't think it was the same plant. As the seasons pass, the original bloom characteristics return.

Enjoy your changing plant.

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I agree that it's probably reverting back to a parent's bloom. That's not uncommon for a bi or tri-colored violet. I had that happen to Voodoo Magic a few years back. Dark pink blooms with dark blue dots on one side and dark purple blooms on the other.

Enjoy your plant. It's kind of cool, isn't it?

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AnneCecilia z5 MI

Thank you both for your replies. I like both of the bloom types, but I would hate to lose the frilly pink ones entirely. I had no idea that a sport could overtake the whole plant eventually. I will follow your advice and try propagating a few leaves now as insurance.

(And yes, I do think it is 'cool' looking!) ;-)

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