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missschultzApril 11, 2013

Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone has tried growing AVs outside. I have one of those mini greenhouses and have run out of room indoors so wondering if I could grow them in the greenhouse. What are your experiences? Thanks

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I had no trouble after I learned to control temperature and shading. My greenhouse was a 10x12 here in WV.

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There are a lot of bugs outside that would love to sink their teeth into your lovely plants! I won't even open the windows in my violet room for fear of bugs! It gets a little hot and steamy in there in summertime!

Mites and mealies are horrible things- hard to get rid of. Thrips are even scarier because they can transmit viruses from plant to plant, and potentially infect your entire collection. Even if I manage to bring an infected plant into the house, as long as I don't have thrips and clean my tools religiously after each plant grooming, the virus won't run rampant.

If I were to put some outside, I would choose NOIDs, duplicates or ones that just aren't special to me. I wouldn't ever be able to bring them back inside in case they picked up something out there.

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