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MojaveLove(5 - IL)April 6, 2011

I'm thinking about getting an AV for my desk, I have a long, narrow stand that I keep all my photos on and it is perfect for an AV because it is a foot or so under the fluorescent lights at my desk. Two questions:

- how fast do AVs grow, if I get a starter size standard in a 2-in pot how long will it stay in that pot? A few months? A year? I was thinking of doing this (for some reason I seem to like standard flowers more, they seem more floofy and showy or something) and then bringing it home when it gets big and starting overer with another but I can't have tons of AVs.

- what do you do about lighting while you're gone over the weekend? I can move mine easily to a table that is by a southern facing window but I could see myself forget every once in a while and I'm curious to others solutions.

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AVs grow at different rates, but a 2" pot wouldn't last very long - weeks to a couple of months or so. A common practice is for pots to be 1/3 of the plant's diameter. A regular standard at 12" would need a 4" pot. If you don't have 12" of growing space you can keep the plant trimmed to a smaller size, for example 9" in a 3" pot. That way you (in theory - practice is altogether different!) wouldn't be bringing the work one home and buying more.

If you have a computerized calendar program at work or in your personal email service you could set up a recurring reminder to move the plant to the table every Friday afternoon. However, even if you forgot, a dark weekend every now and then wouldn't kill the plant. Another idea is to get a plant light as shown in the link below, set up a timer, and never worry about moving the plant.

Good luck - flowers can be a great work de-stressor!

Here is a link that might be useful: Desktop Plant Light

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