New to AV--when to repot?

swcheng15April 26, 2009

Hello everyone. I'm new to AVs and new to this forum. I would appreciate any help. I bought an AV some time ago (don't remember when), and I repotted it into a self-watering container. My AV is doing fabulously, and what was once a single plant now seems to have become 3 plants within that one pot (the leaves and buds are shooting up in three separate and distinct directions). Is there a good time to replant this and separate them so they each have their own pots? Do I need to do that now? I know that AVs do well when it's crowded. It's in a 6" pot now, stretching over 12" across and about 7" tall. Thanks!

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Hello & Welcome to AVs and this board:)

Now is a great time to split that baby up and repot them.
There's some great instructionals online. When you split them and repot them, don't forget to bag them for a month or so until the root system can get established.

We'd love to see pictures if you're able to share.

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Thanks nwgatreasures! I thought (initially) that I'd repot after it was done blooming, but it hasn't stopped and it continues to get bigger! I was planning on posting a pic, but don't know how to do that yet.

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You can repot now or wait - we frequently have this discussion on this board and people sit on both sides of the choice with good reason :) - ultimately, it's up to the grower as to what to do. There are pros and cons to both options.

I personally would opt to separate and repot soon. I've learned that going a few weeks or a month or two without a blooming plant is nothing compared to the years of beauty in having a healthy/blooming plant that is in optimal condition. Having several (in your case 3 or 4 suckers/plants) competing for the crown/energy of the plant means that not one of them is getting what it deserves. IMO, that stresses the plant and puts it at risk.

By separating and repotting - sure, you'll have to postpone the blooms and pleasure from that but you'll be ensuring the health, wellbeing, and ultimately pleasure from more healthy blooms by moving ahead now to fix it.

Oh, I've posted a link below to the place that I use to share pictures here. Some other people use photobucket but tiny pics is 2 steps and I've had good results with tinypics.

Here's how it works (best of memory here)
go to the TinyPics website
click on browse and find the pic you want to upload, select that image/file
click on upload now
highlight the code in the 1st option (html for websites)
right click
select copy (or for a shortcut, press control+c)
(the code is now saved to your computer's clipboard)
right click inside the text box where you make your post for this message board where you want the image to appear
click paste (or shortcut of control+v)
The code for the picture will appear
when you click on preview message, the actual image will appear in the post for you to see how it will look

Once you do it a few times, it will become 2nd nature

Looking fwd to your pics :)


Here is a link that might be useful: Tiny Pic Image Hosting

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