Can anyone ID this one?

rand999April 10, 2013

Got this yellow AV at my local Garden Centre. They are being supplied by Wood Hill Greenhouses which seem to be growing Optimara varieties. No luck finding anything this yellow on their website or Optimaras.

Flowers are Yellow semi-double. Standard, medium green leaves (no variegation).

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Does it look something like the one in the attached link?

Here is a link that might be useful: Optimara future release

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Someone in MD also found one similar.

Here is a link that might be useful: yellow violet

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It looks somewhat like the unreleased optimara but the one I have has nicer shaped flowers. I was also amazed at how yellow it really is. I just divided it recently so when a few more flowers open I'll have a closer look.

I had picked this one up in the fall, but I was at the garden centre again (it is in the Greater Toronto Area) recently and they had many more! When I see something different it catches my eye and when you walk up to the AVs there, these yellows mixed in with the others really catch my eye.

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