Did you place your spring order yet?

summersunlight(5b)April 10, 2012

Now that winter shipping season is over I imagine a lot of us are ordering online from one of the online AV sources. Anyone else waiting for an order right now?

What are you looking forward to receiving?

I decided to get Jean Pierre Croteau based on all the positive comments here about it. I'm eager to see how it performs for me!

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No violet order, but I did recently place an order for seeds from the Gesneriad Society Seed Fund. I'm looking to get Columnea purpureovittata, Columnea strigosa, and Kohleria peruviana. Jean-Pierre Croteau is on my wish list. Great plant.

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I received a violet leaf order a few weeks ago so am waiting for the mouse ears to appear. . . most of the leaves are minis or semis which is a new adventure for me as I've mainly only grown standards previously. I also placed an order for seeds with the Gesneriad Society consisting of mostly sinningia & streptocarpus crosses.
At one time I grew Jean Pierre Croteau. It was a strong growing plant but I had trouble keeping the fantasy; I expect my temps were a bit too warm for it.

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I'll bump this up :) I succumbed to the AV temptation and placed an order. I got Pow wow, Golden Eye, Rob's Cloudy Skies, Rob's Cotton Ball, Irish Flirt, Rob;s Fuzzy Navel, and some Juliana leaves. I wanted Dandy Lion or Chantaspring, but I've never had good luck keeping them alive for whatever reason. They maybe need a more constant dampness and I've never done well with that.

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I've made my second order for this spring.

These are, mostly, replacements for some I've not been so successful with ...

Royal Rage
Buckeye Butterflies
Happy Cricket
Ruffled Skies
Ness' Antique Red

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Beware - Happy Cricket is HUGE!

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Ohhh... I also fell victim to Happy Cricket. How huge is huge?

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