Bubbling of leaves

missschultzApril 8, 2013

Hi, wondering if any knows what could be the cause of the bubbling leaves, the torn edges. This plant was propagated from a leaf and this is where it has stopped growing. Thanks.

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The crispy, curled leaves could be the result of over-fertilization. I accidently put too much fertilizer in a gallon of water that I used to water my violets and I ended up with a few plants that looked like that. It even killed the crowns of some.

If you think this could be the case, then flush the soil with plain water or repot it in fresh soil. This is to get rid of any fertilizer salt build-up. I would also remove the outer row of leaves and maybe even the really bulbous one on top right. I know there won't be many leaves left, but it's not worth it for the plant to expend energy to those sick leaves. It may take awhile for this one to bounce back.

Mites are another possible cause if you don't think over-fertilization could have happened. But they usually cause more damage in the crown than I see there.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Hear-hear! Good advice from MB!

We hope you do not have broad mites. Time will show.

Use MB advice - flush the soil until it the water runs clear, put it on a stack of newspapers to dry it a bit, remove the bottom damaged leaves - and put it in a transparent box - or under the dome to give it extra humidity for a couple of weeks.

Besides the mites - there are these culture issues that make leaves hug the pot:

high light. Direct sunlight - or if you grow under fluorescents - too close to the tubes - or wrong tubes - T5 is way too high.

Too dry. The humidity should be 40-50%, not 5%.

And MB suggestion - could be wrong soil, too much fertlizer, PH is way off, wrong fertilizer.

Good Luck


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Thanks to both of you for the info. I'm desperately hoping its not mites, but one of the other issues Irina mentioned. Due to lack of space, I have been keeping this outside on a table that is mostly shaded inside a fish tank with a clear lid, so it may be too much light, or too much humidity. I've only fed it once and it was like that before. Curiously, none of the other AV's that are kept with this one have the same issue. I've since brought it inside and flushed it as per mooseblossoms instructions, so hopefully it survives. Thanks again.

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This isn't just a bustling variety?

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I wish! On closer inspection, there's little white critters in the soil so irina and mooseblossom were correct :(

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Bugger! Did you toss or are you treating with Marathon?

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Well, to be honest, I'm a bit of a guerrilla gardener. I sprayed the soil with regular insect spray. So far so good. Haven't seen any critters today. We'll see how we go. Better than tossing them. :)

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Aha - little white critters - if you google soil mealy bugs - check if it is itthat will explain the condition of your plant. They really suppress the growth and well being of an AV.

You can get them by drenching - not spraying - but you need to do it 3 times week apart -to nail the young hatchlings.

I would just start the plant from a leaf or a crown - and toss the rootball.


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