Fantasy Violet !

sabrebuddyMay 22, 2009

Hi everyone, I have alliance as you know it is a fantasy violet well this time when it bloomed it bloomed soild purple. so I am hoping that someone can tell me how to get the pretty fantasy marking back,Thank's Terri

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It's my understanding that it will probably not return to blooming with the fantasy. Iy's a genetic thing, nothing you can do to fix it.

Wicked sorry,


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You could try taking a couple of the lower leaves (ones near the blooms which bloomed true) and start babies with those?

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A while back someone was complaining about their chimera reverting. The suggestion was to basically behead the plant by removing one or two rows of newer leaves. The hope was to "go back" to where it was still blooming chimera and would start some "good" suckers. You could try this on your Alliance plant as suckers can produce blooms quicker than leaf starts. Good luck. Janice

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My fun trail, fantasy, reverted back to purple. Very sad. But I had a chimera that had a solid bloom and I thought it was a gonner, but the next time it bloomed true again. I think you should wait for the next bloom cycle and see what it does and then maybe try some of the suggestions if it is still solid. I had a chimera that had marble leaves and it started growing out all green leaves at the crown, I lopped off its green crown and the new suckers grew out varigated again. Fantasy are unstable and solid happens. tish

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