soil mealies

bigred(z8 Ark.)May 19, 2008

Good morning,

I need a non-toxic way to rid my av's of soil mealies. I have quite a few av's. I may just tear down all the big ones,clean up the leaves and strike them but I can't do that to my smaller ones. Someone on another website suggested Marathan grandulars but I can only find that on one website....5 lbs for $110.00 plus shipping..Yikes!


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Contact John Cook at for a smaller quantity. of Marathon.


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Yes Marathon is expensive but it works. There is a generic formula called imacloprid which may be a bit cheaper.
Fred in NJ

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

Thanks Barbara and Fred.


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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

The ONLY non-toxic way to get rid of soil mealy bug is to throw it in the trash can.

You could take a leaf high up, one that hasn't touched the soil and will likely not have soil mealy eggs, then reproduce the plant.

The only way to get rid of soil mealy bug is by using very harsh and toxic chemicals. You might try liquid imidacloprid. Or check flea medication which will probably work.

I think soil mealy bugs is much worse than mites.


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