The Violet Pot Lady

Diana1124(z5NY)May 1, 2005

I purchased some great pots at a home show in California several years ago from a gal who called herself The Violet Pot Lady. Has anyone ever heard of her or bought her any of her pots? I need to replant my violets and would like to get in touch with her to get the next size up!


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valeriev(z9 Bay Area CA)

Yessssssss, I know exactly who you are talking about. I've bought several pots from her as well at shows and over the phone. HOWEVER, it is my understanding that she is not in business anymore. Her website used to be and it's no longer active. Her phone number used to be 800-457-5805 which is now disconnected. I miss her terribly. =)

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valeriev(z9 Bay Area CA)

Diana, unfortualy I haven't been able to find anyone as good as her. The other pots I see are so ugly. My local nusery has some really nice looking ones. They aren't "pretty" like she painted them, but they are classy looking. I still have her brochures too. Darn her! ;)

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I bought pots from here just this June. She mentioned that she was re-working her web site but that she could be reached at her e-mail address,

You are all correct that she has the most beautiful pots of any I have ever seen.

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sophyann(z9 CA)

Hi I am the owner of The Violet Pot Shop. I handmake ceramic violet pots and I participate in a variety of southern california shows and Harvest Festivals. My e-mail address is The original owner of the business named the violet pot lady has gone out of business. I have a lot of styles available. Come visit a harvest festival and see.

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sophyann(z9 CA)

A friend of mine sent me this post I had forgotten about. I am still making violet pots and the website is still progressing. The Harvest Festivals are so much fun to do and when you buy a pot from me you get to pick a plant. I have a numerous styles because I fit inserts to ordinary containers, everything from teapots to character animal pieces. The violet pot insert works by osmosis, which depends on the proper firing of the clay to preserve it's porosity. I would love to hear from some of you, and if you ever are close to a harvest festival in California, let me know and I'll leave you a ticket to get in.

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When Dandy Lion was a kitten, she knocked an old, small, very fragile zuni pot off the shelf and broke it. A friend gave it to me years ago.
I tried to make another one. I could coil the clay (cone 10 stoneware) using puki pots. I could scrape and sand it very thin and fire it in the Weber BBQ. That worked fine. I have some very nice little pots, ( not as nice as the zuni but passable.)
I could do the corde seca (black lines) but I couldn't get a nicely colored glaze at a pit fire temperature.
I am going to try iron, cobalt, terra sig and some other glaze ideas this summer to try to make 4 more cache pots for violets.
Pottery is fun.
Could you post some of your pots? I am not certain what the rules are for businesses but it would be interesting to see some of your work

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The Violet Pot Lady is selling online as The Violet Pot Shop. I bought one of her pots at a craft show in Vegas. I wanted to buy another one and so dug out the biz card I had gotten from her. She has the best variety and the pots work wonderfully!

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Thanks for the feedback and update. Joanne

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