Leggy leaf stems

pinkorchidMay 1, 2009

I have a garden customer with a half dead African violet. So I repotted for her in an AV pot with AV soil, babied it for awhile and gave it back to her in good condition, had her get a lamp for it for sufficient light and it was doing wonderful. it started blooming and the leaf stems got VERY long and leggy, I thought the light was too far away so had her lower it abit and it burnt one of the leaves so had her raise it again. but still getting the long leggy leaf stems, any advice? Her window she has it in is very dark, hence the light and why I think it was dying in the first place. It is a very old plant about 7 years I think. She said she hadn't had it blooming in about that long and had problems with it for about that long. Help please, I am an outdoor gardener, I had AV's in the past and never had this problem with them. Thanks

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Hi, just a thought maybe she should put it into a different window and see how it likes it. Most of my violets are in a east facing window, I also notice lately if I move one it shows me it wants to go back where I had it by not doing as well in the new place I put it. Terri

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