I need to stop making babies...

frank325May 9, 2009

I took a few leaves hoping to get maybe a couple new plants... now I've got babies everywhere from these two! As you can see, the one in the right corner was more cooperative and gave me exactly what I wanted.

Here is the mama. It's a mini from Home Depot.

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Ha! Ha!
Now you know how I feel with 4 real life kids :/ LOL

(who has been out of town on business for 10 days and missing you all )

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Ha, well, that's a little different!

I should note the one in the right corner is a leaf from a different plant since they obviously don't look the same, mainly in color.

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Thats marvelous..such beautiful color.I do the same thing..And I give the extras away to people I meet..The water,sewer dept,the pharmacy,thrift shops and clerks at grocery stores all love african violets..:0)..marigene

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barbara_in_la(So. Cal.)

I have the same problem!! I know I will learn one of these days, but for me, it's trying out different growing methods to see what will work for me... I have to be a bit more patient as the leaves I have down are mostly variegated and have read they're slower to grow.

Is that a baby plant with mama leaf in the lower right hand corner? I like your photos and your posts because they give me an idea of where I need to be... :)


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Yep, that's a leaf from a mini as well, just a different mini. That is a baby plant that probably needs to be separated. thing is it has two little siblings that are just now sprouting... late comers.

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You had better stop making babies or people will be starting to call you the Nadia Suleman of AV's.
Fred in NJ

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They can't Fred, you are already the self-proclaimed Nadia Suleman of AV's.

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

I hear you. I still have baggies of leaves galore, yet I felt the need to make more starts. "Backup plants". Ha. What makes it worse is that having backup plants was actually justified by losing some of the originals to a powdery mildew outbreak this winter. Great. So now I can't even make myself give up this practice, because of the "what if"s... as in, what if I need these backup plants after next winter. Bah. I'm gonna set up a "what if" shelf, and limit it to that, once I determine which are my favorites. Unfortunately, I can't determine that until a bunch of these babies bloom for the first time. This, people, is why you can't let your leaf and plug buying habit get out of hand : ) Maybe by next year I'll be in a good AV place. For now, I just have to wait until these babies get big enough to separate, repot, and find new homes.

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Thats lovely who is she?

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Well, I am new on this list and I at one time had over 300 named violets, standards,mini. trailing violets. But when we moved to WA I sold and gave away all but one trailing violet and lost the tag on it so now it is a no namer.. I could sure use some leaves to start up again. NOT lots like before .. My favorite was Cherokee trail it was a huge trailer and there were many many more favorites as well..
anyway, I am glad to have joined this list

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What town do you live in? I too am from Washington (Mukilteo) but now live in Maine.


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Shirl64, I just bought Cherokee Trail at an AV show last Saturday. It is not a huge plant, but not a tiny baby either.. I wish I had known you were looking, I'd have picked up a baby one for you and sent it. If you can wait a month or so, give it some time to get some viable leaves, I would be happy to send you a few - possibly end of summer or maybe sooner?

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Fred, I meant to add how pretty your babies are.. If any are up for adoption, let me know, I could, like, trade you a chihuahua for some...how would that be? I'll ship him two day priority mail.

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Go for it, Fred!!! It may be the best deal you are offered this year. LOLOLOL


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Hey they are great pictures and the world would not go around without the young ones. I usually loose mine to things like the DH putting things outside so he can clean! Cant get it through his head african violets dont like that much direct light. So my babies are usually started in the strangest places and I only try to keep spatres if he is on a rampage. A chiuahua or some kind of dog is on the list of things to get when he has a stroke or dies. My kids have started a list of things we could have if Dad wasnt around.

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