My first repotting - when are they safe?

tamisue_2009May 2, 2009

OK, I repotted all my AV that I ordered from Rob's earlier this year. Thier potted dates were all 8-12 months old. I used Rob's wicking mix and Oyama pots. Some had small root growth and most soil fell off the roots. I put them right back into same size (Oyama) pot. Some with better/larger root volume went into next size larger. I added B1 vitamin to water, all I had for vitamins. Then I bagged everyone! OH! One AV when arrived had a somewhat long neck, about 1 1/4" so that one I had to cut down as shown in my "Growing to show" book. Again, I then bagged everyone just to be safe. That was Monday, today is Saturday and NOT ONE droopy leaf! So, when should it be safe to take the bags off, that they will no longer go into shock? These are all standard AV. NOW I'm ready for the little guys and trailers!


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I like to bag mine until I see 3 or 4 new mouse ears - no matter how long that takes or what size the original plant is ...usually 3 to 4 weeks.


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I rescued a NoID for a fellow teacher a couple of weeks ago. Her plant had root rot to the point that when I unpotted it, every thing fell off and I was left with a neck. I repotted the neck (after taking off limp leaves and scraping it), bagged it and kept it a few days before returning it to her. It too, never went limp after being bagged, and she unbagged it after only five days. The plant has not had any problems. However, I prefer to keep mine bagged until I start seeing new growth, usually around a month.


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