just pollinated my flowers - now what?

packinblack(z6 KY)May 28, 2009

Hello.......I haven't been on here in awhile......last time was probably to ask about my "mutant" AV.

Today I tried pollinating a few flowers for the first time.....pinched off an anther & rubbed it around on the stigmas of all the other flowers, on two plants (the same one it came off of, and a second one).

Now it says to wait 4-6 months for seeds - arrrrgh!!! How soon will I know if it worked? Should you be able to see pollen stick to the stigma (I couldn't, but the stigmas did look sticky - even appeared to have a little drop of moisture at the ends)?

Another thing.......are "mutant" flowers usually sterile or anything? That's the one I took the anther from.

Here's a pic of the mutant:

And a pic of the other one (looks the same as the parent plant) - this one and the mutant are actually "littermates" LOL. (I'm in KY, it's okay LOL) :)

What do you guys think? Am I going to get seeds??? :)

I'm actually expecting AV "babies" any time now...from 6 leaves stuck in dirt (3 mutant, 3 regular) - have never tried to make seeds before! I want to make more mutants! REALLY curious what I would get from seeds, since I've read they usually vary????


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Just want to make sure...

The pollen sacs should be picked open with a pin (the pollen is on the inside of the yellow sac) and it's easiest to use a small paint brush or toothpick to dab the pollen onto the stigma. The pollen is pretty conspicuous :)

If you've done all that, you should have seeds in a few months. Good luck!

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packinblack(z6 KY)

Ohhhhhhhhh I did not pick anything open.......just pinched off one of the yellow anthers & rubbed it around on the stigma. No wonder I did not see anything, LOL!!!

The stigmas look like they are sticky again - I guess they recovered from *not really* getting pollinated the other day, LOL! I will try that, thanks!! :)


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packinblack(z6 KY)

Thanks for the tip, Fuzzyleaves!!! I cut the little yellow part open and could see the pollen - I know I had a couple successful "breedings" this time, LOL!! (Hoping those stigmas were still fertile...I guess time will tell!)


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Just read this and I have never heard of breeding violets. Never saw a seed on one either. What do they look like, how big are they and how do you propagate them? Cheryl

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A ripe pollen sac is about 1/4" long and 1/8" wide and usually contains 100+ seeds to a pod.
Fred in NJ

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