Should I put AVs back into smaller pots?

MidwifeLiz(6A)May 23, 2011

I recently took some of my AVs out of their little pots and put them in larger ones. Now i've learned they should be in pots 1/3 their width. Should I repot them back into smaller pots?

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irina_co(z5 CO)

depends how large are your larger pots. If your pots are between 1/3 to 2/3 of a leaf span, you probably be OK, If more - you need to repot.
The second question - is what is your potting soil? It should be light and porous - the basic mix is 1:1:1 peat-perlite-vermiculite - with variations more vermiculite or slightly less perlite - everybody adjusts a bit. But if you used the commercial AV potting mix - it is too heavy, and it can kill the violet even in a small pot.

As we know - the stores are not interested in us buying and growing - they are interested in us buying, killing and buying more :-((.


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Ok dummy me. What happens if you repot in to a bigger pot and it is to big?? When you say leaf span you mean from one side of the plant leaf edge to the outer edge of the leaves on the other side right? So actually the plant/ leaves part is to be quite a a bit bigger then the pot.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Yep - 3 times bigger.

An AV is happy when the soil is loose and barely humid - because it needs air to the roots no less than water. If you plant it into too big of a pot - it cannot utilize all the water in a big pot - and the wet soil has the tendency to settle and choke the air out - which will kill the plant real fast. The second thing the right size pot stimulates blooming - the roots hit the walls of the pot - and the plant gets the signal - stop spreading, start seeting buds.

In nature Sainpaulias grow in crevasses in the rocks filled with dead leaves and gravel and humus - and it is their habitat - they cannot compete with the larger plants in the area where is plenty of soil. So - they are perfectly adjusted to these conditions.


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