Leaf spotting?

nmushka(6)May 17, 2009

Hello once again..

After an extremely violent round of blooms, one of my NOIDs sprouted a series of spots on some of its leaves.. The plant's in a south-east window, in a 1-1-1 soilless mixture, being fed weakened solution of AV fertilizer every other watering.

Any thoughts on what might be causing this?

Is it time to panic?

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Hi, let me ask you is this on only one leaf or is effecting your whole violet , and do you have it near the kitchen sink as I looks like it might have gotten something splashed on it, also I'm not sure as I really don't grow my violet's in a south window but it kinda looks like it is getting a little burnt in the middle of the leaf. my violet's like the east and north facing window's let me know-Terri

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It's on two leaves of the plant, so far.
It is not near the kitchen sink, and the dark spot's birthmarking-- the entire plant's got uneven patches of coloration on the backs of the leaves..

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

I can't tell too well from the pic, but it could be a couple things. Have you accidentally splashed any water on it? Or, does it have these dark spots on other leaves too? In a south east window with no covering, it's possible that it's getting sunburn. I had mine in a south window with no covering when I first moved to my house, and as summer progressed, I started noticing sunburning. I remedied that by getting a sheer mesh curtain. It doesn't drastically cut light, but it diffuses it so it's a bit less harsh.

Call me crazy, but it kinda looks like it's going variegated in the second pic, though. Is that a new leaf, or an older one? If it's new, maybe it's actually a variegated AV, but you couldn't see it because the growth was all green at the store. Older nonvariegated leaves don't turn variegated, though. I'm honestly more worried about the dark spot as seen in the first pic, but again, it's hard to see what it is.

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As said before, the darker spot's just leaf coloration. Here are some pictures of the entire plant. (The horrid gap on the last picture's where that speckled leaf was removed).

The lighter stuff has been on older leaves; the window's got screen in, which works about as well as mesh-- got a bunch of babies under it as well, and they've yet to scorch. X_x.

..I guess I'll try moving the plant to a shadier part of the room anyway, and hope it doesn't spread.

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I think it's age spots......and what caused it is anyone's guess. The rest of the plant appears to be healthy. I think you are ok.

We worry about them like our children, don't we?

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Ooh, interesting! The pink/red marking under the leaves is quite pretty, actually. The very first pic made it look like a brown burnt spot, but now I see.

I guess I don't know what that spotting is, then. Your plant looks happy to me, with all those blooms. I'd just keep a eye on it, and only worry if more leaves appear like that.

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