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lindamferguson(7)May 5, 2009

I'm a new AV owner and have received some good advice here, but I haven't had any success with Cape Cod Violetry, I think their website is down. But I did find Teas Nursery, I plan to order the Volkman Bros. AV Potting Soil - it's a 4.5 bag - it has peat moss, vermiculite, styrofoam beads, perlite, dolomitic lime & trace elements in it for $7.99.

I also found the Schultz Liquid AV Plant Food with Micronutrients, liquid water soluble, 4 oz for $3.99.

They also have 3" round white plastic AV pots for 22 cents each, the only hitch is you have to buy in quantities of 25 for $5.50 (they also carry the 4"). I emailed them and asked if I could purchase a quantity of 5, but if they will only sell in quantities of 25, does anyone want any of them? I only have 1 AV...lol.

And does all of this sound good to all you experienced AV owners? It sounds like it goes along with the advice that I've received, but a few reviews never hurt! O:))

Teas Nursery website www.teasnursery.com


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Cape Cod Violetry doesn't have a website. You can contact them by phone, e-mail, or regular mail.

I looked at pot prices in the catalog, and they will sell in quantities of 10 to 500. 10 3" pots are $1.40, so they are 14 cents each at that quantity. I have found his prices to be the most competitive. Also, he has urea free fertilizer, $4.00 for an 8oz tub. Better fertilizer, same price.

I saw John 2 weeks ago, and he did say he was behind due to some illness and some surgery, but seems to be on the mend ok and catching up. You can call him at (508) 993-2386. Or, send me an e-mail and I will forward the catalog to you. Reach me at bspoffor@maine.rr.com.


Here is a link that might be useful: Cape Cod Violetry

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Clicked on your link and got this--http://cape.com/--takes you to an internet web development service. Has happened when you posted it in the past also. The address similarities might be contributing to the problem of newbies finding the Cooks. .

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Here's the address on the address bar when I was looking at their site:


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Sorry, I posted a bogus web address, when I should have posted an e-mail address. You can reach Cape Cod Violetry at violets@cape.com.

I'm staying up too late these days, I guess.....


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My timing must be spot on today--I received the catalog on PDF within a few minutes of sending my request to violets@cape.com. Thanks Barbara--Think I'll go buy a lottery ticket now....

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Barbara you are right, the address I provided is not their site, it looks like another site has listed their catalog online.
In any case I heard from them today and ordered some green rings for my pots.

Linda,Teas is a nice place, especially for local purchases of some antique roses. But from what I saw Cape Cod Violetry has better prices and selections on African Violet stuff.
Also the Cape Cod Violetry has 2 email addresses listed, the one I got a prompt response to is violets@cape.com

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I found that volkmans with the sterofoam beads holds too much water for me. It says it for wicking, but the soil was very soggy and I had to replant. It was great for rooting leaves and suckers though and I only use it for that. Maybe others had better experience with it. tish

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