Can I revive my African Violet?

misschivousMay 27, 2008

Hi everyone - I'm new to the forum but am hoping someone can please help me! I have an African Violet that I'm afraid is beyond hope but I would really like to save - my mom gave it to me when I got married almost three years ago and in the beginning I was great about caring for it. But I have to admit that I have been completely neglectful lately and when I looked at it the other day all of the leaves were dead (I know, I know - I am bad!!). My husband and I are starting to get into plants and I have a new-found respect for this African Violet and the motivation to bring it back and was hoping for some advice if it's at all possible. My husband suggested that I take all the dead leaves off so that the roots could heal, so I did that. I've given it water for the past few days as well. Also I have it in a clay pot sitting on a windowsill so that it gets sunlight. If anyone has any advice on what I can do to be a good plant-mother to this violet, I would really appreciate it. I know there's a chance I'll have to start fresh with a new one but I'd love to try saving this one first as it has sentimental value. Thank you so much!!


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Chrissie, you may be able to save it if there is still a small crown or even a live stump. Enclose it in a plastic bag, water it only slightly and place it in bright light but not in the sun. The sun will cook it in the plastic. Then wait for the crown to expand or the stump to sprout more crowns. But if all you have are roots and everything above ground is gone then you're out of luck.

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HI Chrissie,
Email me and I can send you a sheet I have made up on rejuvinating plants. I also have one on starting new plants from a leaf and another on general care of AV's.
Fred in NJ

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Thanks so much - yes, it does have a crown sticking out of the dirt. I've been watering it in its pot for a week now, but are you saying that I should take it out of the dirt? Once it starts sprouting, do I repot it? Also, about how long does this take? Oh and one more, should it not be in the windowsill? Sorry for all the questions - hopefully I will get better at this! Thanks again :)


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Don't take it out of the pot for now. Just take it easy on the watering. If you have a plastic bag over the pot, don't put it in direct sun, just indirect light. Wait to repot it untill the roots are established. Fred's instruction sheets should give you step by step instructions and be very helpful.

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Thanks again - I will do that!


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HELP I have not checked to see if it has a lump but I have 2 that are almost gone one still has green leaves but it is really wilted and my Grandma bought me three and only one is going strong I adore my violets I don't know what went wrong HELP PLEASE Michaela

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Michaela -

It is hard to guess what actually went wrong -but probably you overwatered it, It is a main cause of them dying - too much water - and the roots rot.

Please read FAQ on this forum - you can compare the care you give your violets and what's in the "book" under "Basic care"
and it will give you some hints.

If you still have some green leaves or part of the crown - you can try to save the one you have - put down leaves for babies or crown for rerooting.

Again - read the FAQs and ask questions if you need more details.

That's a pity = they sell any gadget - and it comes with instructions - but the plants - do not. It is really very easy if you know how.

Good luck


Here is a link that might be useful: FAQ

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I ws wondering how the plant survived if it did. Are you sill using clay pota? They are fine for growing if you know what you are doing, however, I grow all mine in platic pots which I feel is better not only because they stay cleaner but also the pots don't look dirty and are much lighter in weight

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PLEASE HELP!!!!! My 100 yr old african violet froze. Furnance went out while we were gone. I have cut off all the dead/mushy leaves and put it in a plastic bag with the top tied. Should I be doing anything else. I love this plant it is the only thing I have from my late mother-in-law. Please help.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Leona -

seems like the right thing to do. Just be sure that it doesn't get too wet, open the bag a bit to let extra humidity out. The soil should be barely humid, not sopping wet. If it is not frozen solid - it will probably send you suckers.

If it was frozen solid - it is gone. I just looked at the First Class register - and there are 24 varieties of violets with the word Memory or Memories in the name. I would think that it is a lovely tradition in your family to grow the plant to honor the memory of your Mother-in-Law - and you need to continue. If you describe this plant - I will look for one close to what you have.

One day my son will marry and hope my future daughter in law will think about me at least half as nice as you do.

Good Luck in your ICU effort


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