Baronne Prevost Remontancy?

Desertgarden- Las Vegas, Z9a @ 2800 ft.June 7, 2014


I have read conflicting information regarding what can be expected in terms of re-bloom for Baronne Prevost.

What has been your experience with Baronne Prevost and it's re-blooming abilities?


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fogrose(zone 10/sunset 17)

Reblooms for me, just not as big a flush as the spring bloom. Love this rose.

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buford(7 NE GA)

I would say the same, it does rebloom, but not frequently or with the same volume as spring. In my zone it tends to get lanky and put out long canes. So perhaps pegging it would increase the blooms.

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Same here, probably my best repeating HP. Not like a good floribunda or polyantha, but it definitely blooms, rests & reblooms. Wonderful scent.

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Desertgarden- Las Vegas, Z9a @ 2800 ft.

Thank you all for the information. I acquired a Baronne Prevost about 6 weeks ago. Trying to determining how large this bush will become and what the bloom habits are was still fairly unclear. The information you provided has made my decisions regarding it much easier to make.


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jerijen(Zone 10)

It was a good repeater (as HP's go) for us, too. BUT we are also near the California coast, in relatively cool conditions.

In your heat -- mind, this is a guess -- I wouldn't expect much repeat until the temperatures drop.

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