crowning violet !

sabrebuddyMay 8, 2009

Hi everyone, I have a guestion about one of my violet's it never seemed to like me so I let it crown so I could at least grab a crown off of it. So how long do I let this go on until I decrown it?-Terri

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At a minimum I would wait until you have four leaves of the crown where each leaf is at least as large as a nickle. That would be a minimum. If this is your first de-crowning I would wait until they are larger than that.


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Hey Terri,and everyone, what do you mean by "letting it crown"? What is de-crowning?

Thanks, Thom

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Hi Thom, Letting it crown means letting all the little suckers grow and then you have about two or three plant's in one and when you think it is time you separate them by cutting them apart from the mom plant. And put them all in their own pot's. I am relly not sure when to do the separating because I have never let a violet's sucker before.-Terri

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Okay, I thought that might be what you were talking about. Suckers are interesting. They can be easy, they can be a pain in the A. Or they can be an opportunity.

Have a great weekend.


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