Whats the difference between Single, Semidounble, Double?

MidwifeLiz(6A)May 21, 2011

Hello all.

I adore my Avs! But I wish I could tell the tell the difference between singles, semi-doubles and doubles. Doubles I think I can tell, but most of the time I call something a single but something else says its a semi-double. Whats the difference? How can I tell!!!

Thanks all

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Singles have 5 petals, semidoubles have 6-9, and doubles have 10+ petals.

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Awesome! Thank you so much. I hadn't realized it that simple.

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What might be confusing is that many varieties are listed as "single-semidouble." This means that a given plant may have both single and semidouble blooms. Some may have more semidouble than others; this can prove disappointing when you've bought a variety from a photo that showed mostly semidoubles and your plant has mostly singles. Speaking from experience.

Also, a semidouble may only have a tiny extra petal in the center but it's still a semidouble. Other semidoubles appear nearly double.


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Thanks for clearing up the single-semi-double conundrum. I have several flowers that I would call singe but have that funny little extra flippy petal in the center so I guess officially they are semidoubles. Even though its like 5 1/2 petals! Thank you so much!!! Hope you are having healthy AVs!


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