Outer Leaves Dying

amarillo19(9 Florida)May 27, 2009

I have my violets in wick pots. The outer leaves are losing color, developing a mushy brown spot and falling off. The roots seem to follow the wicks into the water, so the roots are coming down with the wick. When I check the soil it seems to be moist mostly around the stem. They are still flowering.

They have been in their wick pots for a year and I haven't changed the soil. The soil is the recommended proportion of peat moss, perlite and vermiculite.

Could the problem be more than a soil change need?

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You definitely need a soil change. The symptoms you have described are too general for me to figure out what it is, though. Try working through it with Doctor Optimara (link)

Here is a link that might be useful: Doctor Optimara

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amarillo19(9 Florida)

Thanks fuzzyleaves. I checked Dr. Optimara and there are so many things it could be, I can't determine anything. It seemed to have spread between plants and is more affecting the lighter leaved AV. The darker leaved ones don't have it as bad.

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I would go with the obvious before other things....these plants desperately need repotting! If the roots look healthy and no signs of pests, that may do the trick. A year in the same soil is way too long.


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amarillo19(9 Florida)

Thanks. I've been putting of changing the soil.


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I recommend that you change the soil out every 5-7 months - sometimes sooner if the pot is smaller.

You definitely need a repotting session :)


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