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lucille(Houston)May 10, 2009

I am a bit stressed out, my house flooded recently, I'm between jobs, and I'm trying to paint and prettify my home.

I had to get as much furniture and stuff out of the house into the garage as possible so I could dry out the flooded rooms, and having put the AVs back on their shelf (I had been alternating between shelf and window) I rolled the shelf into the garage where it sat there for a week. The AVs were looking sad.

So I contacted a local AVSA person and offered my entire collection to anyone who might want it, along with the shelf and etc.

She got in touch with a local club, which emailed me and essentially said thanks but no thanks.

So I hauled the shelf back into the kitchen because I can't stand to see things dying of neglect, groomed and watered the poor guys and then decided to keep them. A couple of them are actually bloomimg and providing a cheery note as I try to recover from the flood. And in fact, I think I'll get a few more streptocarpus.

I'm glad it turned out the way it did.

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You are all survivours,enjoy

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I'm sorry to hear you have had these challenges, and glad to hear you have overcome them. It's almost as though your violets could sense your frustration, and rewarded you with blooms.

We had an ice storm in Maine back in December, and lost power for 30 hours. Some lost it for 5 days! With no power, the temps inside got to 50 before I ran the generator, and with space heaters I was able to keep my plants safe.

I glad you had second thoughts.


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Sometimes things happen the way they do for a reason! I know that if I am down, nothing cheers me like caring for all my plants and animals. Hope things are on the upswing for you!

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O my goodness, what a story. And btw, what do you mean, a LITTLE stressed out??

All the best with your house, and the AVs!


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We are putting in the floors now. I'm an epic failure in trying to create a light airy decorator feel to my home because it is so tiny, and the basic living room furniture plus the wire shelf I have for the violets is just too much stuff.

So I did the only sensible thing: I'm....... adding another AV shelf!!!! lol, an additional compact 4 shelf light cart (my first cart, I found it on Ebay). With the wire shelf, the tiny room will not be one of those show off decorator rooms, but it will!!!

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