Leaves turning white

irishmaineiacMay 25, 2009

I have an plant that is from the seeds that were sent up on a Space Shuttle mission. The leaves are now turning white (not yellow, white; no white spots, just completely white). Is this plant dying?


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invasion of the AV snatchers?

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Are you in Maine?


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Bleaching of leaves can be caused by a few things. The first thing that comes to mind is that the plant got too cold. Is it by a window and are the leaves facing the window the ones bleaching?

Too much sun can also cause leaves to bleach. I have a few of the "Space Baby" violets also, and I've found that they tend to like less light than my other violets. I also find that the edges of the leaves curl up when they get too much light, but I've put them in lower light before they get a chance to bleach. I'm betting that this is your problem.

Failing all else, a magnesium deficiency can cause bleaching of leaves, although this is usually seen with new leaves coming out of the crown. The remedy for this is to add epsom salts to your water.

If only a few leaves became bleached, I would remove them so that the plant can recover faster.

Good luck!

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Mine are turning a light,pale yellow,is this caused by
the light too or can I be messing up with watering?


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I am pretty sure you both have plants receiving too much light as I've unfortunately dealt with that a lot trying to get the light right for them under florescent lights. Better move them farther away or to a less lighted location. Mine have not recovered quickly from too much light.


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irina_co(z5 CO)

I would agree with everything said above plus I would use a very weak solution of a fish emulsion to leach the soil of these pots. Then - move it further from the window as was recommended above. You get a silght nitrogen boost from FE.


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