Your opinion on this AV light

lindamferguson(7)May 14, 2009

Well, I asked Barbara her opinion on this plant/AV light, I pasted it below:

"I looked at this, and I'm not sure it provides enough light. It is also only 6x7 on the base, so it really won't accommodate a very large plant. Why don't you post it on garden web and see what others have to say?"

So I'm posting it to get other's opinions as she suggested. The only East window I have is in a bathroom which would defeat the purpose of showing off an AV to begin with. I had it in our South window and it wasn't doing well there because we are on our 21st day of rain, storms and cloudy weather. And I'm not sure it was getting adequate light there to begin with because we have a wrap around porch.

Any suggestions? I only have the 1 AV.


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I have this plant light and I used to have it on my desk at work. It only holds one standard size plant. It was great for the office since the timer turns the light on and off automatically - so no worries about it being in the dark all weekend. It is also attractive for an office setting. The only downside is that the replacement lamps are quite expensive, but they last a long time.

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Did you have an AV in it? Did the lighting seem sufficient for the AV and was the base large enough for a large AV?


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Yes, the plant did great in it. The plant I had growing in it was a standard size african violet in a 4" plastic pot (the "squatty" or "azalea" style plastic pot). The only thing I did different was I had the light timer thing always on "summer" mode, because the "winter" mode was not enough light hours. For some unknown reason, the manufacturer has the light timer as a seasonal thing, and it does automatically change itself as the weeks go by. Other than that minor complaint, it was a great product.

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I also use this light to grow a violet successfully. Dragonfly2008 pointed out the automatic changing of seasons the light does. You can change it to single-season mode by holding the season change button in for a few seconds.

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Thanks guys for the advice! I really didn't want to invest in a larger lighting unit since I only have one AV!


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