Metro Mix 366

stonesriver(6B Tennessee)May 10, 2007

Have any of you used Metro Mix?

A club member uses it with all her gessies and AVs. She adds coarse grade perlite since she wick and mat waters and Metro Mix doesn't have perlite. She does not cook Metro Mix.

At the co-op, a 3 cubic foot bag of Metro Mix is $13.99 and a 4 cubic foot bag of course perlite is 10.95. My Streps, Chiritas and AV trailers are on Oyama Planters; my Columnea in Volkmann 6" hanging baskets on Volkmann Reservoirs.

From the Sun Gro web site:

Metro Mix 366 is "Formulated with Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, horticultural grade Vermiculite, Bark, processed Bark Ash, starter nutrient charge, Dolomitic Limestone and our long-lasting wetting agent."

There are several types of Metro Mix but 366 is the only one the co-op sells (except the one with coir and we all know about that . . . kudos, Korina).

Also posting to Gesneriad Forum.


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