Strange growth- thrips??

the_man_fernMay 18, 2008

here is one of my African violets

i have been suffering from thrips in my grow room

and i was wondering if this strange compacted central growth was due to them or is it something else??

it has ample light and is fed weekly with a high potassium fertilizer thanks

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

That looks like a big uh-oh to me... is it the only one? If so, I'd isolate it ASAP and observe it. It's definitely something but I'm not certain what yet. If your light situation changed (increased dramatically) that could be it. Or it could be some sort of nutritional deficiency. Worst of all, it could be mites (broad or cyclamen, both bad). Hopefully someone else with a better notion of what it is will chime in, but isolation is my recommendation; best case scenario, it won't hurt anything, worst case scenario, you can potentially save your other plants from something bad. Keep an eye on the others, too.

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my whole collection has it i looked and it seems its cyclamen mites i have had to bin my whole collection

i will now give up as i cant seem to stop pests of different types from coming in and attacking my grow room

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irina_co(z5 CO)

It can be mites - but it can be your hi potassium fertiliser. It is better to stick to a balanced one. May be your soil is out of balance and it depresses the new growth.

You are right - it is just a question of time before some bug will apppear. Thrips come in summer from outside - and mites supposedly can hitch a ride on them. You need to keep your grow room super isolated - and work in a lab coat there - and give every new plant 3 months isolation before moving it in.

Do not give up.


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thank you irina quarantine is the answer and i am setting up a system i was rather upset earlier as you could well imagine loosing most of your collection
sorry if i sounded strange

i have washed down the benches with a turps solution
i have 5 out of 20 plants not affected i will begin new balanced feeding methods and they have been separated with 1 foot between them i will now wait 4 weeks to see if any strange growth appears discarding as i go

i have an order from diblieys nurseries a pack of 8 standards ordered so they can begin quarantine immediately for 1 and a half months (because they are a lower risk plant, being from a specialist nursery)

and i have taken leaf cuttings from two of the standards that where infected washed under high pressure washer and i have began propagation

so fingers crossed things should be on the mend again just hope no more plants ie my streptocarpus have been affected

fingers crossed :)

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i have also realized i was using a fertilizer with ueric nitrogen in it!

i will now leach them all and buy a new plant food for african violets

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Good Luck!


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Hi Man Fern,
Don't kid yourself about plants being at a lower risk of bringing in diseased plants becuase they are speciality growers. I have seen more thrips on sale plants at shows than anywhere else. I agree the specialist may try harder to keep their plants clean from bugs however, with so many plants in their growing spaces they are more at risk to disease even if they do use insecticides. The first thing I do when I get a new plant from a grower is to remove all the bloom, reshape and repot the plant and put it into isolation. I learned this the hard way by losing two collections.
Fred in NJ

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