Russian variety Blue Mist

1beautylover2012May 25, 2013

Absolutely gorgeous! One of my favorites, show plant: symmetrical foliage, big double two tones flowers

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Flowers looks like you see it in the mist

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It is lovely.

I have one that should bloom in a few months.

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Oh so lovely!

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Here is my blue mist :)

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What a beautiful violet. The Russians sure know how to grow them. The correct name for this plant is;

Goluboi Tuman - "Blue Mist" (9558) 01/17/2006 (K. Morev)Double light blue large ruffled star/white edge. Dark green, round, wavy. Standard (Russ/Ukr)

Please keep name intact so if you share leaves from this plant, all will know what it really is. It won't be mistaken for another blue violet that someone has named Blue Mist.
Here is mine:


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@1beautylover2012: Thanks for sharing your photos, all four varieties are lovely, but Blue Mist is my favorite!

@yenpinwen and ima_digger: It's neat to see the slight color variation among your individual plants. They all look ethereal, like mist.

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yenpinwen, the plant is young, but we can see the potential. If I may say - the pot is toooo way big for this plant. My opinion.

Eileen, I see you are a big fan of Russian varieties. I have a few that are unique in USA, I've got the leafs from Moscow a year ago. Already have starters and babies. I will share the pictures when they will start blooming.


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Hi Polina,
Wow, you are professional! I am new in AV world...and yes, i repotted my Blue Mist in the pot which is too big for it... And you noticed it :)
It seems fine in staying in this 4" or 5" pot. Now the flower is gone, should I move it to the smaller pot?

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Your pot size should be 1/3 the size of your plant. Example: a six-inch plant should go in a 2-inch pot. Violets like to be root-bound and will bloom better when they have a smaller pot. Also helps prevent root-rot from too much water at the roots. Re-pot now, shake excess soil from roots, re-pot into a fresh mix and stand back and watch the bloom show!


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Hi Linda,
Thanks for your advise. Interesting!
The plant came in 2" pot, but the leafs grow so well and feel like they are almost fell, so I repotted them to a bigger pot....apparently I was wrong :)
Sure, I will repot them this weekend!

By the way,another question, I repotted one of my older plant because it has the neck...after I repotted, some of the leafs are very soft (not very strong, hard)... It feels like they need some water...I did give them enough water, but still the condition does not improve... Any advise?


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Where are the leaves? Are they the older ones? Older leaves natural die off; leaves life expectancy is roughly one year. These need to be removed.
As to watering: this is the tricky part. A plant that is in need of water and one that is over-watered will exhibit the same symptoms-wilting. Obviously, a plant in need of water wilts but a plant that has been over-watered will eventually develop root-rot. As the plant loses its roots, it is unable to take up water so the plant is, in effect, dying of lack of water.
Usually, if a violet has been over-watered, the leaves will develop a soft, soggy look. Under-watered ones just wilt.
If you have watered and your plant still looks wilty, I would suspect root-rot. Remove the plant from the pot and check the roots. Are they white and firm or brown?
Come back here and let me know what you find and we'll take it from there. Also, a picture would be greatly beneficial!


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