AV Pics

hummersteveMay 15, 2008

I picked this guy up about 6mo ago at walmart, just guessing the time period. I basically ignored it , when I first brought it home I didnt just repot and deadhead , I removed the flower stalks. It looked in really bad shape. I was about ready to give up on this thing and toss it. So today I decided to clean this guy up and buried beneath the leaves I found all this plus numerous suckers, a couple of which Im saving. As you can see there are a lot of buds. I really like this plant. I had another plant I had to do the same to but Im afraid I messed it up. Pretty decent shape on this guy considering all the surgery I did on it. When this guy blooms out I will show it again.

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Very pretty color on the bloom Steve. She's gonna be a beauty with a little TLC.

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Steve, you old softie, nice save. If you blow on the leaves, you too can have perlite all over the place........

I've missed you not posting. I know, I know, you're into hummers.


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Hey Barb-- At least the perlite doesnt hurt anything. You should of seen it earlier , what a mess. Im not only into hummers , but the plants it takes that they like. I usually grow from seed , I do buy some , but anyway thats what takes up so much of my time during this time of year. That is also why I dont have many AVs.

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