New kind of Violet Pest to I.D.

fortyseven_gwMay 8, 2014

Well, Folks, Maybe, Lucky,
You might have some ideas about this.
I was minding my business, repotting a few violets on an unscreened patio. The first time I have used that location.
I felt uneasy, for no reason.
Then I saw it. What I think is a small lizard. Of course, it was camouflaged, in the same color as the small tan color rocks and sand it was resting on. It is about 8 inches long and an inch wide. It has a pointy head and a narrow, pointy tail. I could not see legs on it. I suppose it has legs. It was completely unfazed with my telling it to leave.
Was it after my violets?
Once I took the violets into the house, it lost interest and began to very slowly crawl under the fence. I took a photo but just got the tail end.
Lucky, you live in Arizona, do you know anything about these creatures? I have been told they are in the area, this is the first time I have seen one in my yard. I don't usually spend a lot of time in the yard. It is a strange, overcast day today and windy. Slightly cool. Usually, it is sunny and warm.
Thanks for any advice,

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I have never had a plant eating lizard. The lizards eat insects which make them useful.
If you didn't see any legs are you certain it wasn't a snake.
I just asked around and no one knows of a plant eating lizard. I seem to remember some plant chomping lizard on the Discover Channel but it was in the jungle, I think.
I saw lizards in California. Same lizards we have here although very iridescent in the sunlight. Those eat bug also. I like California Lizards. If you are quiet, you can watch them. They do fascinating things.
I have them everywhere, many different kinds although Dandy Lion used to hunt them for sport so some are rarer than others lately..
I have heard they are like toads and are not good eating for dogs or cats, not harmful, just not tasty.

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Thank you, Lucky! I think it was a lizard. The neighborhood cats were nowhere to be found when I needed them. We don't have too many insects here, just a few ants. I found this link, but it does not have a photo of what I saw. I still do not know how to upload a photo. Maybe I will send it to my email then try to copy it here.
I live in a slightly rural suburb about 25 miles inland from a coastal region of northern California, there are a lot of hills that are unpopulated where the small wildlife comes from.
Things like gophers, nothing too dramatic. The terrain is desert like, as in very little rain, but there are major bodies of water nearby, so not technically desert. Neighbors told me when we moved in a year ago there are lizards, this is the first time I have seen one, but I spend almost not time in the yard. Well, as long as they won't jump on me or crawl on the violets. I thought the thing was nervy to come close and not move. Kind of creepy looking for someone not used to seeing one. Joanne

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Lizards are beautiful and fascinating. If you have one it might stick around, bask in the sun and do lizard things which is interesting to watch
I have heard they like crickets and flying insects so they won't crawl on you or the plants.
But don't take my word as the last word. Maybe someone knows more.
Without a positive ID, I can't say it is absolutely benign but I haven't heard of any harmful lizards in Northern Coastal California

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Thanks again!
I am back to repotting without feeling watched!
My favorite pets have silky fur!

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I remember scowering the walls around my grandfathers house to find lizards and scorpions... It never would have occurred to me that they may go for plants....
I'd be more worried about birds really. And I hear some cats like to chomp on av's as well ;-)


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My cat was the green eyed jealousy monster.

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