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erin79May 12, 2014

I was given an African violet in a pot without drainage. It was in bloom but the flowers quickly started wilting. When I pulled off the wilted flowers, the stems that came off with them were brown and wet. I repotted it yesterday in a pot with holes, but now the outside leaves are drooping (they were fine before). The root system was not very deep. And on top of that the nursery I went to gave me a 7-inch pot (the original was 5), so the pot is too big. I've done a lot of reading but am very confused at this point.

Should I water it? Should I repot it in a smaller pot? It seems it needs a 4-inch based on its size. Should I put a bag over it and what kind?

Any help is much appreciated...

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I may no be the best person to give advice, but I'd start by picking the two nicest leaves and putting them down to root. (Insurance)
Then listen to the other advice you will get on saving the plant (I have not been very successful at that so far).
General pointers:
- Look at a light potting mix incorporating perlite, vermiculite and peat.
- Use a pot about 1/3 the size of your leaf span, or slightly bigger than the remaining healthy roots.
- cut off anything squishy or translucent and dust with cinnamon
- moisten (not soak) the potting mix before potting, and don't press I down into the pot - keep it light.
- depending on your environment, you may choose put the plant in a big ziplock bag and close it up (no direct sunlight or it will get too hot, and don't let the leaves touch the bag) - if you see condensation, open the bag to air out

Good luck :-)


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Can you post a photo? It would help greatly.

It sounds like your plant may be suffering from root rot.Your outside leaves are drooping because the root system is not big enough to support them. A plant will sacrifice older growth in favor of newer, more vigorous growth if its root system is compromised. If so, chances are it will die so taking leaves as Karin said is a good idea. Resist the urge to water more. Your plant is not suffering from lack of water; it is suffering from lack of roots.

Is your violet a foot across? If not, it will not need a 4" pot. Follow Karin's advice and come back if you need more help.

And keep your violet on the dryish side until it starts growing well again.


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Thank you both very much for your help. Here's a photo. It was probably 7-8 inches before it started drooping. It's so green it looks like there must be hope! Which leaves should I take off?

We are having a heat wave here so I am a bit concerned about not watering it all--also because the soil it's in now is much drier than what it was in before.

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Your violet is vastly over-potted and all that soil is holding too much water for your plant to take up in a timely manner. It does not need a 4'' pot; it needs a pot 1/3 of its size. It hard to tell from the photo but I think a 2'' pot would be perfect.

Re-pot using a light mix-one part each of AV potting soil, perlite and vermiculite. Your soil will be light and fluffy.

Water lightly at first and then resume regular watering-water well and then let dry a bit before watering again-when your plants begin normal growth.

Do not remove any leaves at this point. They don't look bad and your plant may need them. You also have a sucker or two; if you feel comfortable removing them, do so. There is no harm in waiting until your violet feels better to remove them.

Remember-more violets are killed from over-potting and over-watering than anything else.

Let us know if you need more help.


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