Lights of America for AVS?

gesjenn(z8 WA)May 13, 2013

Hi all,
I haven't been here for awhile.
After not having violets for years,I just purchased a couple AVS from ebay and I'm trying to prepare a small light stand for them.
Instead of 2 4 ft fluorescent fixtures, I opted for two LIghts of America fixtures I found at Walmart.
Question: how far away from each other should the lights be? I plan to put them side by side for better flowering. A foot between them? Anyone?
Thank you ahead of time!

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irina_co(z5 CO)

The important is - what are your tubes? T12s, T8s, T5s?

If you are talking about 24" single T8 grow sticks WM sells - they are good, probably 10- 12 inches above the plants/ 6-7 inches between the lights will be just right - but...

After the tube dies - you won't be able to find a replacement. Or it will be more twice more expensive than fixture with tube. They are non-standard length.

if you got 48" - I do not know.

Fixtures from WM are inexpensive and do not last at all. I got tired of replacing them - now I go to Home Depot and pay twice more. In this case - I replace the tubes, not the fixtures.


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gesjenn(z8 WA)

Hi Irina,
Thanks for replying.
I got the smaller tube fixture, which is 2ft long, so the tubes are definitely not the standard size.
I noticed that Home Depot sells different sizes of T8 tubes, which is good.
At least these fixture use only 27 watts each. That is very economical.
Did you remove the plastic light covers? Seems that they would be brighter that way.
Did you remove the housing from the fixtures?

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Jenn -

I remove only the plastic light cover. Not really understand what do you mean by housing.


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gesjenn(z8 WA)

I meant the plastic cover. Other people have called that the housing.
I will also remove those.
So far both lights are working.
Now I'm waiting for the Russian "Winter Smiles" and "Sparkleberry".

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irina_co(z5 CO)

I grew both of them. "Winter Smiles - like a lot of them from late Russian hybridizer B. Makuni - are not easy to grow - blossoms are great - the plant - challenging. Do not keep just one plant - put the leaf down as soon as possible.

Sparkleberry = is really gorgeous if you look at the flowers under the lights. On natural light - they do not show that well.


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