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aveo5May 7, 2011

Sorry IF this is a repeat question..but i dont recall if I asked in here before. I am using 1 of my Aerogrow gardens as a light source for about 7 standard size violets. The 2 light bulbs in it are compact full spectrum florescent, 26 watt bulbs each. I have 2 more Aero Grow gardens that I want to use as light sources for violets, they bloom under these lights. And it gives me room. Something I need badly! My questions are, does anyone know how much light these are putting out, I mean is it to much? The box the lightbulbs came in says that they are putting out 1450 Lumens each,and the yare 6-7 in away from the tops of the plants, that is as far away as I can make it. Should I only use 1 bulb? Or is this the right amount of light? 80% of them are growing and blooming, 20% of them are acting like they are starting to get 'sunburned' from to much light,tight crowns,firm leaves, no blooms, reddish brown leaves.

They get the light for 17 hrs a day. That is the set amount for 'Flowers' on the AeroGrow garden light setting. When growing seeds, like petunias.

Is anyone else using their AeroGrow like this? And maybe can tell me your results, and what to do. I have 3 of the big 'Classic' gardens, I can fit 5-7 standard violets on each one, and it would be a big help if I could use the other 2 to grow some violets. Please....any help would be appreciated.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Aveo - I would have trouble supplying hundreds of plants with personalized AeroGrow lights - so I grow on the shelving units under tubes and it is much more economical.

Definitely less light than petunias. What I am thinking - you sure do something right - your plant is growing and blooming. AVs are adaptale -and they will grow in a range of foot candles. They would show you if it is too much - by bleaching leaves and tight crowns - or stretching leaves if it is not enough. Even if your light is on a lower side - you compensate by longer time.
You can get yourself a light meter for $30 and know exactly what's you are getting. the fact that the surface of your bulb is 1750 lumens doesn't translate exactly into lumens/ distance to your plants/ square footage. you are losing your light to the sides, some is absorbed by reflector etc.

Good Luck


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