can a violet recover from cyclamen mite damage?

three4rdMay 14, 2007


Awhile back I noticed that my violets have misshapen leaves (all curled up around the edges, are stiff, and a bit white/hairy looking). From what I've read, this is cyclamen mites damage. I've tried spraying them with fairly hot water / soap combination and did alot of cutting back. The new growth came in and looked pretty normal, and even some flowers looked pretty good, but now the leaves are once again getting curled. Is there a way to save these plants, or should I just give up on them, since I know the mites can spread and infect other plants?



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I just can show you my 2 violets that was treated with AVID against broad they're looking much better.

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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)

Cyclamen and broad mites are *not* the same thing.

Keith, do a search on this forum for cyclamen mites. I believe you have to start all over after thoroughly disenfecting; but I could be wrong.

Best of luck. I have trailers only but would be glad to send you some leaves once you are ready to get started again.


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shireen(Baltimore, MD/7)

I've successfully eradicated cyclamen mites using Judo. It acts on all life stages so only one dose is needed. Unfortunately, that pesticide costs an arm and a leg. A cheaper alternative used by many growers is Kelthane. But that only works on the active stages so you'll have to spray or dip over at least 3 generations, about 3 times in one week intervals. Hopefully Nancy Robitaille, who is the AV bug expert, will have more to say about it. Good luck! It's a very frustrating experience, especially if you have a lot of plants.

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Hi Keith,
I would ditch the plant unless it was an expensive Chimera.
Save yourself some agravation and use the money you would spend on dangerous insectcides to buy a new plant.
Fred in NJ

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Where did you purchase "Judo"?

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Keith---I agree with fred ditch it and get a new plant. Its not worth the money or aggravation. Ive heard people on here say you have to spray and you are down to just the crown and trying to root it, to me its not worth it.

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farmerSK(SK, Canada)

Cork - you can buy Judo from Sunshine Gardens - I've added the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Judo

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Thanks to everyone who responded regarding my violet problem. The plants affected, except for one that I hate to lose, are really not worth spending money and time on with insecticides, so I think I'll take the advice and pitch them. Otherwise, just treating with soap/water spray will be an unending battle and in the meantime other plants may be affected. I will keep in mind the chemical treatments suggested though.


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melsalz(Z7 NC)

My experience with mites was they infected several of my plants. Neem oil worked for me. I sprayed all of my plants as a preventative measure.

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shireen(Baltimore, MD/7)

Wanted to post a follow-up to my cyclamen mite update, and clarify a few things.

I've been battling those monsters for 2-year and just got a new infestation despite two diligent treatments with Judo

First time I used Judo, almost 2 years ago, the results were outstanding. 100% eradication.

A year ago, I accidently reintroduced more mites into my collection from new plants -- I had been ill, and AVs were not at the top of my list of priorities, that's my excuse. :-)

Anyhow, it was devastating. Once I started feeling better, I did another round of Judo about 2 months ago. Thought I had destroyed all the bugs since the plants were bouncing back quite nicely. But last week, I found a few trays of plants with symptoms. It made me feel sick and utterly sad & disappointed -- I had worked VERY hard to kill them and now they were back.

I still think Judo is an excellent product because it's done a good job eradicating mites from most plants. But some of those sneaky bugs find their way into folds, also eggs that survive in matting could hatch out after the semi-systemic effects of Judo have dissipated.

Moral of the story: Judo (also marketed as Forbid) is a good product. But it would be wise to follow-up with Kelthane treatments a month or two later. Don't do it immediately because the Judo stresses out the plants. Some of the crown leaves got burnt by it.

Another tip. When I treated with Judo, I added a tiny amount of soap to help the pesticide adhere to the leaves. But I wonder if it's enough ... anyhow, to be safe, I got some wetting agent at my local plant store, and willl use it with other pesticides from now on (check the pesticide label before using the wetting agent, it's not suitable for all pesticides.) Last time I used Kelthane, I added a pinch of sugar to the spray bottle, as recommended by a friend who is an experienced grower -- that also acts as a surfactant. But next time, I'm going to use the surfactant I got from the plant store.

For more excellent advice on mites and other horrible pests, do a search in this forum for posts by robitaillenancy1 -- she's *the* guru on AV pests, and I highly recommend her advice. Also get her book, it's fantastic!

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