Same AV plant, but two different colors

jennifoofooMay 20, 2010

I have several Rainbow's Weeping Elf AVs. Two are blooming away, but one's purple and the other is pink with purple/blue fantasy. Neat ha!?!?!?!? (:

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They are both very beautiful

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Jenni -

I checked on the FC2 - they do not have Elf -
they have Rainbow 's Weeping Clown
R. Wasmund, semiminiature trailer, single light lavender/purple fantasy, medium green.
And when I look at the pics at FC2 - they are more pink than lavender and they show the extra little petal - just like yours.

(possibly the hybridizer had series of trailers and they were all "Weeping" - or it is just misnamed)

The blue one - is a sport - it is very typical - from a fantasy plant - you can get solid colored babies in both pink and blue. Or parts of the same plant start sporting. So if you want to have a proper name - it will be "a sport of Rainbow..."

Both plants are very happy and cute. Thank you for the pics.


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Thanks Irina for your input. I've heard of Weeping Clown as well and searched for Weeping Elf quite some time ago and wasn't able to find it. ):
I take photos of my AVs in bloom and I hadn't even noticed that I had different colored blooms until my friend pointed it out yesterday. It was a pleasant surprise indeed!
Will the "sport" plant remain blue/purple?
Thanks again!!! (:

Here is a link that might be useful: Photos of my AVs on Facebook

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HI Jenni,
It more than likely will remain the blue it has sported but generally they never return to the original. I suppose that it is possible that the sport will resport.
Fred in NJ

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