Do you feed less if they get less light?

quinnfyre(z7 PA)June 17, 2009

Quick question, it occurred to me to wonder: would one feed an AV less frequently if it is growing in lower light? As an experiment (and because I was running out of room, ha) I put a NOID AV in my bathroom window, which is a north facing window. I very rarely fertilize this one, because I usually just end up watering it from the tap when I notice it's getting a little dry. All my fertilizer is upstairs in my room, and I'd have to remember to bring it down to do so. I didn't think it would actually bloom here, but it is now in bud, and actually, it seems to have a better shape than my AVs in my south window, because it's getting slow and steady growth. That's why I'm wondering if it's actually a good thing that I've fertilized it less. It seems to be working out just fine. I'm wondering if fertilizing it more often would've given it longer, more lanky growth. Or would it just ignore what it couldn't use?

I think it's doing well, so there's no problem. Just curious about others' observations and experiences.

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I wick water all my av's and use a system of constant fertilization. From all that I have read about fertilizers, everyone seems to recommend this constant method. I use only half the amount the manufacturer suggests and find that it is sufficient.
Fred in NJ.

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I kind of like north light, it may be dimmer than other exposures, but it is a nice,constant and steady level of light. One apartment I lived in was nothing but northern exposure, my plants did pretty good there. The place I live in now is very dark, big trees outside shade everything, the few windows I have that get good light are crowded with hoyas.

I tend to think that if a plant is not actively growing, then it shouldn't need fertilizer. After the summer is over and most of my plants come indoors to lower light, they stop growing so much and I stop feeding and cut down on the water as well. When I didn't do this, I lost alot to root rot. However, the violets are mostly under artificial light, so them I continue to fertilize. As Fred says, I use half strength fertilizer, sometimes less, but then I fertilize all my plants that way.

It doesn't surprise me that you plant is blooming. It must be happy, so don't change anything. Plants can and will bloom in what we think is too low light - but keep in mind, in the wild, alot of these plants bloom down near the forest floor with very low levels of light.

Whereabouts in Pa are you?

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

I'm in Philadelphia. I'm pretty happy that one is blooming, because it seems like it can actually stay there and be happy. And it's kinda nice to see something blooming in the bathroom : )

I will say this, though. It definitely has a lot fewer blooms than the ones in my south window. But I don't mind that either. It's a pale pink, with a darker pink at the very center, and dark leaves, so it's a striking contrast that lends itself well to fewer blooms at a time.

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