Seed pod?

merkityJune 11, 2014

is this the beginning of a seed pod? first time ever trying to pollinate an AV...

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It's possible, but then, I had some that looked like those shrivel up and die with the bloom all the same...
So far, one seed pod was the max I could get to mature per plant. I had about ten take on my little Hopi, but then none of them made it. Next time I will try and select just one or two to leave on and see if that produces a stronger pod.
Try and remember not to prune them off, and removing the petals may make them look tidier, but I tore several apart that way...
Do you not remove the pollen sacs of the seed parent blossom? I read that is supposed to make accidental self-crossings less likely, unless you squish them in the process and spill the pollen all over ;-)


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i have never tried this with AVs before - but since i am simply crossing the plant with itself - not too worried about the pollen sacs rihgt now. I will have to remember that if i manage to get another AV in bloom at the same time.

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To avoid accidentally removing pods when grooming, tie a bit of yarn or string around the pedicel. I use the yarn I use for wicking. You can also note the cross on a small piece of paper and thread the yarn through it. It makes it easy to remember what plants you used for the cross.

Seed production is a great energy drain so most growers will only have one pod per plant and will not allow the plant to flower while the pod is growing. That is probably why your Hopi had trouble with pods.

As far as self-crossing goes, the pollen sacs are removed before pollinating to make sure the flower does not accidentally self-pollinate. However, once a flower has been successfully pollinated it cannot receive pollen from another source.


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I use removing the pollen sacs as indicator which blossom it was that I pollinated.... Then I (should) go back and label it properly....
Seen as I haven't got named varieties blooming yet, I kind of haven't taken it too seriously. Now that I have seeds sprouting though, I am considering the whole effort may be useless if I don't know who, what, when etc... So a proper system for keeping records is high on my priority list. Right below keeping my plants alive long enough to see them bloom again.
It is a learning process, and I am glad I did a few "test runs". Now I can play with my "hybrids" without worrying about losing any.


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lol - yep this is simply a noid from home depot -so nothing overly noteworthy about it, except i do like the flowers a lot, haven't seen too many around here with the different colors, they are usually the solid colors.

something I was wondering if Avs will cross with gloxinias....i do have one of those also blooming.

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Violets will not cross with Gloxinias-same genus, different species.

Gloxinias have been reclassified by the botanists. It is now properly called 'Sinningia speciosa' although I am sure we'll all keep calling it Gloxinia.


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Vikki(7b / 8)

Their common name is still Florist Gloxinia.

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yep i was reading up on them a bit as well, since i didn't understand what i was doing wrong with mine. now i know...I am also hoping for a seed pod there too - we will see.

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