Irish flirt has gone girly???

nwgatreasures(7)June 1, 2009

My Irish Flirt has started producing pink tinged blooms. Some are darker and some are just a hint of pink but it's an unmistakable pink.

Previous, this plant bloomed white with green tinged petals. The foliage has always been full and robust.

The pink is not just limited to the "new growth" blooms....some of the plant is pink and some of the plant is white but I can't track it to a certain part of the plant or a certain stem going out.

Is it sporting or am I experiencing someting due to conditions or nutrition source?


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Sounds like your Irish Flirt is sporting to Sassy Sister
(Sassy Sister is the registered sport of Irish Flirt... It's pink & green instead of white & green)

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Guess what??

I think you are right. Take a look at what I have:

Notice Top left blooms are all on one stem - one side is pink and other side is green.

Top Right - all white/green

Bottom Right - all are white/green except for that left side which is pink

Bottom left - pink & green

So now my question becomes - how would I go about a) identifying which part is the "sport" and b) separating the sport part out since I'm getting different colored blooms on one stem?

This is fascinating to me,

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Dora -

I had it converted too - and gave it to somebody. Liked the Flirt better.

I think the whole plant will be Sister soon. You can take the older leaves off - the ones that have the Flirt blooms coming from their node - and put them down for starters.


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Pardon me for seeming clueless here...but how do I take the leaves from the sport if I have several different colored blooms coming from ONE stem?

Do all Irish Flirts eventually sport to Sassy Sister?


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In the spirit of the flappiedoodle you raised on another post.......what are those dried up brown things on your plant? You may want to remove those the next time you groom. JMHO, LOLOLOL

Barbara, off to groom

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I'll take that in the spirit intended because you are so right - many of my plants are showing evidence of me being out of town 45 of the past 60 days.

Not to worry though, I've got an entire violet day set up next week to play in the dirt and remove....excuse me, groom my plants.


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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Flappiedoodle... ha ha, never heard that word before! That's great.

And now to try to answer the question: I was told that if you put down a lower leaf, from when it was blooming true, you have a good chance of getting the original plant again. I'm guessing that might be easier than trying to track down which side and which stem and whatnot.

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Dora, There is an interesting article on Rob's Violet Barn site regarding propagating by using the bloom stalk.It's in the lesson section of his web site. Perhaps you could try that with the Irish Flirt bloom that is blooming green and white. I have never tried this method.Good Luck

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irina_co(z5 CO)

I tried. It works better with the bloom stalks that have relatively large leaflets on it. The success rate is not that hi and it takes long time.

Putting down lower older leaves - that supposedly not mutated - also takes more time to get the starters.

Since I am guilty of being in and out and sometimes not grooming them on time - I would say - if the violets are stressed - they mutate much more often. It can be - got too dry at some point, or were not repotted for long time.. - you name it.

My best guess - they were missing Dora for too long...


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I have Irish Flirt if you would like me to bring a leaf to the meeting on the 27th just in case you are not able to convince yours that it is supposed to be green and white not pink and white. :)

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Thanks Carol for offering. Bring it.

I spent about 5 hours this morning (starting at 5:12 am since I couldn't sleep) and "groomed" and repotted about 25 violets by 11 am.

My Irish Flirt is absent of all blooms now and I found a small sucker plant growing up under some of the middle leaves. I groomed and cut and separated and now have one nice looking Irish Flirt starter plant and another *very* tiny plant which may or may not make it. You'd be so proud of me, Barbara. They look so nice and there's no old blooms :P

Everything is bagged and adding what I potted yesterday at our monthly AV meeting, I have filled the entire bottom shelf of my plant stand with starters.

I've got a lot to share on the 27th with our locals who are gathering together to play in the dirt. I'm looking fwd to seeing you againthat day, Carol. Anyone in the Atlanta are who is within driving distance is personally invited to join us. Contact me by email for location/time.


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