New AV Buddy :)

nwgatreasures(7)June 29, 2009

I just wanted to share that this past weekend, our local study group sponsored a "Come Grow With Us" african violet event at the local library.

Each person brought plant(s) for show and tell and items that they wanted to work on (repotting, separating, etc) as well as things they wanted to trade/swap. Each person brought their own supplies (soil, cups, wicking, etc)

For over 2 hours, we shared, laughed, played in the dirt and talked about AVs. Then we broke for lunch and enjoyed each other's company while we ate. There was a new kind of air about the group since some of the regular members where not there. The difference was palpable and so relaxed. I really enjoyed the two women who shared a table with me and enjoyed sharing my plants and leaves with them.

After lunch, two of us went back to the library and played in the dirt some more. Those two were lovemyviolets and me.

Which brings me really to the point of this post...

Carol is such a gem (better than any violet I've come across by far) and I so enjoyed her company, her personality and her love for these plants. She was generous with her sharing and I was so impressed that she stuck to her original goal of going home with less than she came with :P We all could learn from that, right?

I enjoyed her company so much in fact that she came home with me for an hour or so where I gave her the tour of my plant stands and more work that needs to be done. We may even get together some over the holiday and play in teh dirt some more.

It certainly was a wonderful relaxing and pleasurable day for me that was enhanced by Carol's presence.

I hope you all get the opportunity to enjoy that kind of day but more importantly - that kind of AV Buddy.



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Oh, what a lovely post. I hope I am so lucky somehow.

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Hey Dora,
That was a great idea. I just contacted the president of our club to see if he can set up a similar program in the library where we meet. It not only would be a good program for the library but also could net some new members for our club.

Fred in NJ

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Thanks for the kind words. I had a wonderful time Saturday. Hope to do it again real soon. I'm ready whenever you are!


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Must be so much fun. I would like an av buddy too. Anybody in SW Pa?

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