Lovely Picture Trail of AVs and other flowers

lathyrus_odoratus(5A-IL)June 30, 2009

As I'm creating a list of violets I like, I'm looking at lots of websites and photos. While looking for a particular named variety, I stumbled onto this wonderful PictureTrail gallery that is completely public. There are multiple galleries and one of them is even of how to identify different leaf types.

Many of the experienced people are familiar with this, I'm sure, but those of us who are newer will probably find most of these galleries very helpful. The grower, presumably Janet, says she's over 1000 specimens at this time. To me, that seems a full time job!

Her pictures, for the most part, are very well done, too. Most times I could see more from her pictures than many on the Websites selling the plants!

Enjoy the eye candy.

Here is a link that might be useful: AVJanet's PictureTrail Galleries

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Thanks for the link. Great photography of well grown plants. Something for us all to aspire to......


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The eye candy is tempting! (Should probably come with a warning though ;)

The folder that might serve you well, research-wise is her problem leaf file. Most likely some of these issues will arise eventually on your new adventure...

Although what she calls a 'basket' on Happy Trails doesn't seem like quite the problem some of the others clearly are! I have a Trailer (Dusty's Rich Red) throwing up baskets all over the place. I've been calling them bloomstalk leaves but 'baskets' is much cuter.

My plant with baskets - even more now since photo was taken - as many as 6 that I can count:

Here is a link that might be useful: problem leaves

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I've spent many hours on Janet's website--drooling and learning. Her photo tutorials on leaf types and pests are very informative.

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I have yet to get through all of the folders. It's on my list....I knew as soon as I found it that is was a gem. I just hope some people who haven't seen it are now aware of it and can enjoy it, too---either for the eye candy or the education, or both!

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Janet is one of the moderators on av brat pack for those of you who don't know. She is the hybridizer of the Allegro series. Very much in the know about avs. Check out the av brat pack forum, very nice people there, lots of pics and info. Patty

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I agree with patykay. av brat pack is a great site. If you want info that's where to go. Lots of knodledge posted there.

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