leaf stems full of water

maidinmontanaJune 20, 2008

I posted earlier about trying the leaf cutting, I had another thought, when I cut the leaf off from the mother plant I noticed it had a lot of water/liguid in the stem. Not mushy, more crisp. it kinda made a faint popping noise when I cut it and I could tell it was very firm, is this how they are supposed to be? They have a nice color and are healthy looking, but it is a fairly new plant. Thanks to any and all comments.

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Yes, crisp is good!


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No worries maidinmontana. Crisp is good. It sounds like you have a young plant. However, if the leaf was a tough one on the last row of an older mature plant, it can take a LONG time for it to produce babies and you might want to select a younger leaf. The first leaves I set were old outer ones that I cut off when repotting. It took over a YEAR for babies to come. Arghhh! It's best (with MUCH faster results) to propagate using a healthy leaf from the second or third row: the younger ones are too immature and the older ones are too worn out. Good luck and let us know when you see the babies.

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