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shw104(7)June 7, 2007

I have a small collection of violets (7-10 plants) of various sizes. Up until now I've been using the soaking method (letting the plants sit in water for a few minutes to water from the bottom up). I've had mixed results with this. Many of my violets are due for replanting and I was thinking about going to some of the self-watering pots.

Are these recommended? They go against the normal practice of not having sitting water around plants. They do seem like they would make the watering process much easier to manage and take less time.

The other petpeeve I have with violet pots is most are very ornate and covered with color/flowers. I want very simple, plain pots as the actual flower should draw your eye. Most vendors do seem to have "plain" pots, especially the self watering type.

Can anyone recommend a good pot for growing violets?


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I'm struggling with the same question - you can see my post a little bit down on this page about "flow through" ceramic pots. The ceramic types pose problems because salts build up from fertilizers and don't allow quick flow for leaching plants. Also, the soil mix apparently has to be very light (lots of perlite) because of the amount of moisture. Many people suggest letting the plant dry out between rounds of filling up the outer container. I'm going to try it anyway, because I'm stubborn. It would be very nice for the single noid I have at work.

However! There are some very nice plastic pots on the market called "Oyama" pots. They're plain, but attractive, and have their own watering method where the user fills the bottom part of the pot with perlite, so that the roots aren't always sitting in the water, just the perlite. I just haven't gotten any because I'm loathe to mail order such things. Someday. They also come in lots of sizes, which is nice, because I've noticed that the ceramic ones are especially hard to find in less than 6" across, for some reason.

You may also want to check out the thread a few down about watering systems and setups. Hummersteve posted an excellent picture of how he has set up his pots for simple wick watering. Though I suspect you really want something more "decorative" this might help you come up with some ideas, like slipping your pots into cache pots, or somesuch.

And finally, I just recently found something called "Volkmann Pots" that appear to be a nice set up for wicking, you can see them, and some of Optimara's solutions at the link below.

So there's my ramble.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pots and such at Tea's

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Hear, hear!!!

I agree with Bubbledragon.

The cheapest pots - are usual squatty (azalea) plastic pots somewhere 3-4" diameter. You can bottom water them, you can put wicks and make a collective farm on the tray and mat or use Steve's arrangement. Just remember that for Oyama pots and wicking you need to have a light 1:1:1 soil.

Good luck


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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)

I use Oyama Planters and the Volkmann Brothers' system. You can get their products cheaper at the Volkmann Brothers' web site (complete kit is $5.00). Have included a link.

You can purchase the Oyama Planters at www.avplanters.com


Here is a link that might be useful: Volkmann Brothers Nursery

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Sorry I'm still learning...what's a wick? So are the self-watering double pot things a good idea or no cause of build up? I'm trying not to drown another baby so I thought the self-watering might save them from me:) My mom gave me some beauties to look after and when I went to Home Depot to get some food I bought 8 dying violets. I don't know if I can help but even I can do more then they were.

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My two cents worth is the ceramic pots are tricky. I have maybe 5 different kinds. Some absorb too much water, so I have to water those from the top instead of keeping water in the resevour, cause they were drowning even though I had extra perlite in the mix and the bottom of incert. Another kind gets too wet also, but I keep a lower level of water in the resevour, put about an inch of perlite in the incert then add my plant mix with a little extra perlite. A couple work just fine (my aunt made them and put more glaze on the incerts so there is less area to absorb water) but over the years they absorb less water and I have to add some from the top now and then. You are always going to have to add more perlite to the av potting mix with the ceramic self watering. If you really like them, get one and try it and see how it works for you. They are pretty, just keep an eye that the plant does not stay too wet and make adjustments like I did.

I also have some of the Oyama pots and they are great. My violets really love those and are growing fast and doing well. Also I found some pretty ceramic flower pots that the oyama pots fit right down inside and looks very nice...I just lift up the incert and pour the water in and set it back down, don't have to lift out the whole pot.


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I have tried to find the pages with the wicking instructions but couldn't find them. Can anyone point me into the right direction?


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minimac(6 So In. Louisville Ky)

Hey Milli,

Just google 'african violet wick watering' for a start. That ought to get you going. Violet Showcase has 'growing tips' as do other sites.

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