Chimeras-which bloom heaviest?

contrarymarypat(5)June 18, 2010

Hello all,

I love chimeras, especially when they bloom a lot. I have the Alps & Granger Red & White, which both do well. Kumiko used to bloom do well for me, but it has not for several months now, even tho I repotted it.

Does anyone have suggestions for heavy bloomers? Some I am considering are Satin N Lace, Victorian Petticoats, Scuba Diver, Glitter Surprise, Breezy Brea. I really like double or semi-dbl, and love frilly and/or colored edges (don't want much, do I LOL), but am open to all suggestions.

Thank you in advance.


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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

My Rebel's Astro Spinner used to bloom all the time, with lots of blooms. It hasn't bloomed since it got a little sunburned and I converted it to wick watering, but it put out a lot of nice new growth and looks like it is about to start a bloom cycle shortly. It's a flashy looking bloom too. I'd definitely recommend it. I had it in a south window when it bloomed all the time. I've since moved it to a higher shelf in the same south window, in the hopes that it will burn less but still bloom a lot. We'll see. It's budding up now.

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My Yukako puts out tons of blooms and has been blooming for several months now. It's still going strong too.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

I second Yukako. Emerald Love - they both have green in them -and the bloom last forewer.

There is an extremely floriferous chimera trailer - Pony Ride - it is a dropper - but who cares.


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Try Ness' Mini Sota (7647) 11/26/1991 (D. Ness) Single chimera white sticktite pansy/fuchsia stripe. Light green, plain. Semiminiature
If you look in FC2 you can see a picture of my plant.
Fred in NJ

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Thanks for the suggestions. I actually have Pony Ride-2 suckers potted up for quite a while but no blooms. I have a small Yukako & it has bloomed but I think I need to repot it, also a sucker of Ness' Mini Sota. They are rooted, but not blooming yet. I moved in Dec and lost several plants. These are alive but not thriving. Any ideas besides repotting?

I have been looking for Emerald Love, but no luck yet. I did purchase 3 tonight: Rob's Lucky Number (leaf chimera), Rob's Magnetic Field & Carousel Pony.

I had Rob's Lucky Ducky at one time, but it died. Hope to have better luck with Lucky Number. I tried for a couple others but did not "win". Probably for the best. I do have a good Rebel's Splatter Kake, and think Astro Spinner is a sport of that, but have not found it yet.

Thank you again! Mary

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oh my, got 2nd chance for Satin N Lace - had to take it! I can't wait to see them. In the meantime, I need to evaluate what I have and try to get them to grow better and BLOOM!

Mary :-)

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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

I got my Rebel's Astro Spinner from Violet Barn. It has actually done much better for me than Splatter Kake. I've replaced Splatter Kake a few times from varying sources, and have managed to lose it each time. But Astro Spinner has always stuck around for me. I'm not quite sure why. It is definitely a favorite of mine for this reason, as well as the blooms.

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I received my plants yesterday. Woo-hoo!!!! All were in bloom... I tried to remove all blossom stems but that is really hard to do when they look perfect. I carefully unpacked and groomed them. Most went in a saucer on a paper towel as they seemed moist. How long should I wait to repot them? None have wicks and I prefer to wick when possible. Besides the 4 chimeras, I got High School Sweetheart which I have wanted since I 1st saw a pic of it. Thanks, Mary

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