How to actually wash violet plants

minal(6)June 16, 2010

Hello, I have read a lot that violet plants like to be washed. However, exactly how do people do that. Do they :

a) take a cotton swab, dip in water and clean the leaves

b) take a paintbrush, dip in water and clean

c) pour water gently over plant and wipe leaves

d) use a spray bottle to clean leaves.

I am just not sure what is the right method to give violet leaves a good clean / wash. Any comments appreciated.


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I bookmarked this link quite some time ago at Rachels Reflections African Violets. It has pictures too :) My violets love it. I've also wrapped plastic wrap around the soil to keep it in the pot then "dunked" the violet into a large bowl water swishing it around gently.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rachels Reflections Bathing A Violet

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oops = swishing the leaves gently, keeping the pot out of the water :)

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I once heard someone describe washing a violet plant as the same as washing a newborn baby's head without getting their body wet.

I just get the water to a room temperature and a SLOW trickle. Hold the plant under the running water and begin to gently wash each leaf. Most of the time, the water will do the may need to help by sliding your fingers across the top/bottom of the leaf.

I slide my fingers around the edge of the pot to remove any fertilizer salts that have collected and run through the soil in the pot.
When I finish, I give the plant a little shake and sit it OUT FROM UNDER the lights but in the vacinity of a ceiling fan for the water to evaporate and for the water to drain from the soil. Once all the water spots are gone from the leaves (an hour or two or overnight), it can go back under the lights.


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Thank you so much for these great suggestions. Its a little cold here today in WNY, but will plan to wash the plants sometime later this week when it gets a little warmer.

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alaizabelle(9a ?)

A tip for drying them:

Rip little pieces of napkin/paper towel/tissue and poke a water droplet with the edge of the paper, it soaks right up!
Using the edge of the paper seems to help alot, that's why I rip the pieces!

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