Update from DAVS Convention Purchases

nwgatreasures(7)June 1, 2009

Just wanted to share how some of my purchases are doing. My daughter is thrilled that her plant is blooming still...she continues to speak tenderly to it several times a day, LOL

Here's the Mac's Infra Red Standard that belongs to my daughter:

And here's the Frozen In Time Standard:

They seem to like their new home so far. In another week or two, I'm going to remove some of the outer leaves on them and put them down too. Some of the other leaves that I put down didn't make it (about 4 out of 60) but I'm not dissapointed since so many seem to be doing well.

My intention is to have the plants that come from all those leaves in "sellable" condition by the time we have our club's fall plant sale in October.


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Frozen in Time is one of my favorite plants.
Also, I love that your daughter is interested in violets! In my club, we have members of all ages, but our youngest member is only 10. She has her own small collection of violets and knows how to look things up on FC2 and actively participates in the meetings, mostly the "hands on" portions - like separating plantlets, or repotting, etc. It is a joy to watch! Hopefully this is a hobby both she and your daughter will have throughout her lifetime.

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I found the easter bunny today.....it was a hare-raising experience....

I had really taken it down when I repotted, so it's still pretty small. I should be able to take some leaves off in a couple of months.


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@ Barbara....LOL

I can't wait to trade something with you. I have looked at that picture several times in the past weeks.

Just let me know when you are ready.


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Dragonfly - Kat is only 4 years old but I love how her tiny hand/fingers fits in between all those pots/cups and how she loves to lift them up and fill them with 'special juice.'

More than that - I love that we have something just for the two of us. The rest of my family just smiles and sometimes laughs at me :)


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Dora, thank you for posting that photo of Frozen In Time. I bought a leaf of FIT from Rainbow Violets back in 2007 but have lost the label. Thanks to your photo, I can now re-name my plant.
Yours look very healthy and pretty. I also love your daughter's plant.
I shall have an update photo of my re-potted AVs soon to share with you. Meanwhile, may I share my Frozen In Time here?


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