A Good Trailer?

blfresh(MN/4)June 16, 2014

I'm interested in a recommendation for trailers. I grow several types of AVs but have never tried them. I want to stay away from those that are known to be picky. Also, if there is any advice you would like to share concerning trailers that would help me I'm sure open to it!

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"Fancy trail". "Stickey Wicket".

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I like my pixie runaround sport, it grows like a weed. Though I've only had it for about two months, and it hasn't bloomed yet. - I chopped all its crowns and rooted them separately, now I have six or so, all growing well with plenty of new crowns starting.


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My favourite is "Pixie Blue Trail"!
It's very vigorous and it has really cute little green leaves too (:

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I think most Rob's varieties are excellent trailers. They branch on their own, so you don't have to worry so much about pruning & shaping. They are minis & semis so don't take as much room. I grew more of his varieties in the past but now only have Humpty Doo which is an excellent choice.
I also grow Biscayne Trail which I really like for its variegated girl foliage. Its listed as a standard, but mine grows more like a semi.


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Standard and semi is supposed to be based on leaf size. Candy Fountain is a standard but its never had especially large leaves for me.

I've seen Rob's Vanilla Trail mentioned as a good one and I have a small one now, but I'm not much of a "real" trailer grower. I enjoy Pixie Blue but I think, at best, it forms a shrubby little ball. I don't worry too much about it being a trailer. I think it has made Best Varieties quite a bit though.


You are doing much better with Pixie Runaround sport than I am. Mine are just sitting there. I had to divide it because there were two plants.


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Thanks so much everyone! It really helps. I have liked the pics i've seen of Vanilla Trail, Stickey Wicket and Fancy Trail. I'm going to narrow it down from there.

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Keep your fingers crossed for me! :)

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