Where to find 'Mississippi' African Violeet

showboatJune 17, 2008


I have searched EVERYWHERE for the Mississippi variety African Violet from the Optimara State Series line. I cannot find it or the leaves for sale. Does anyone know where to find this one?


David Dumas

in Mississippi

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Hi David. Try calling Lyndon Lyon's and brennans. I phoned in my orders and was told they had many AV's not listed on the site..It can't hurt to try..
Lyndons.. 315-429-8291
Brennans. 540-477-3600
There's also Violet Barn and Violet Gallery.
I Googles, Mississippi AV, Violet Barn popped up..I checked, but couldn't find it on their online site, but it's inevitable, they can't list every plant. Toni

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David, forgot to mention, back in the 80's, Park's Nursery sold Mississippi AV's..the name sticks because it was one of the pretties of the few state AV's available. Toni

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Thanks Toni. I will give these folks a call tomorrow. Maybe they will also have the New Orleans City Series violet.


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I found an Optimara Mississippi this spring at either Home Depot or Lowes. It is already blooming again. If you haven't found one, I'd be happy to send you a couple of leaves...

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I looked around for Mississippi and I can't find it anywhere either. I had hoped that the Selective Gardener, the official Optimara website, would have leaves of Mississippi for sale, but they don't. If you really want the plant I would take keallaigh up on his/her offer.


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Three Oak Violets has leaves for sale at
http://www.hometown.aol.com/acashallison/myhomepage/garden.html (scroll down to their 2008 sale list and click). I have never ordered from them so I can't give you any feedback on how good the vendor is, but it might be worth a try since you can't find Mississippi anywhere else.

Here is a link that might be useful: Three Oak Violets 2008 Availability List

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I forgot to add to scroll down to the list of standards to find Mississippi. The lists are alphabetized by sizes.

~ Donna

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