Growing african violets outdoors in Florida?

coyleJune 9, 2010

Hello, I have an african violet holder outside under my overhang. It gets a little dappled sun in the afternoon for a couple hours, is this too much and is the heat too high 93f?

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

Normally I would say 93 F is too hot for African violets and that growing outside could allow insect pests to enter your plants. Thrips carries INSV disease which is picking up speed now in eastern US.

But you may have found they do all right in that temperature. They are from African, after all.

I think you are the best person to experiment and discover if violets will bloom and do a good job of growing outside. Be careful bringing them inside, though since you could infest other plants.


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So far they are hanging in there. I transplanted them into clay pots and gave them new potting mix. They are a bit wilted but am hoping they acclimate.

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alaizabelle(9a ?)

I would think that keeping them in plastic pots would give them a better chance! Clay dries out so fast, and the fertilizer salts can build up in them and burn the roots and the leaves (where they touch)

I've had a violet outside before here in california, and it did well, I just had to make sure to water it often!

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I keep a lot of my violets and Gloxinias in my screened in Florida room all summer - they bloom and do fine.

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hi all let me add my 2 cents in.. I live in GA and I would never sit my a.violets out side its way to hot for them I just got one in by 2 day shipment and it is in shock due from the heat and it was not suppose to have been shipped this eairly so I really had to bring mine down a lot due to the brown leaves. I think in the mid 80's is the best temp. my girls are happy next to lights they also give off heat and my home is air condition, so just be careful not to let them over heat or you will loose your girls. excuse my typos i am in a rush.
happy violeting

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