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katmitx(8a)June 1, 2013

Hi all, I've had AVs since the mid-90s when my dad bought me a noid. I fell in love with it and got a few more in the early 2000s (all noids). Those I had til last year when my cat got heartworm and started ruining them.

For my b-day this year my parents gave me a couple Optimaras with no ids. My cat is better (yay!) and doesn't seem interested so far (*crossing fingers*). However, while one is doing fine the other appears dead already (got them late April). Quite annoyed by thatâ¦

This time around I want a collection of named ones, so I ordered some leaves and wait with anticipation.

BTW, I posted to the Mystic Mermaid thread in the image gallery and would like some input.

kat (from) mi (living in) tx

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There is a Russian Mystic Mermaid that is properly labeled with the Russian name although it seems as though the Russian name is still pending. The Russian name is the true name of the violet; the translation, Mystic Mermaid, is used as a convenience for those of us who do not speak Russian.
Now, there may be a violet under the English name Mystic Mermaid that is an entirely different cultivar. That would have to be looked up on the African Violet Master List.
The first picture is the true blooming Russian MM. Yours may be a different cultivar or it could be a sport. Many of these varieties are unstable and revert to others colors. From your picture, I think you have a sport although it would help to see the leaves.
Does this help or just confuse???


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perle_de_or(Zone 7)

Welcome to the forum, I know you will enjoy it, I have learned tons of good info since getting active here. I have been collecting since last Aug. I also started with NOIDs, then got hooked on named types.

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