2011 Hot / Hard to find varieties

SonorityJune 6, 2011

I was just curious. What seem to be the hot varieties this year (2011) in everyone's experience?

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Yukako was supposed to be hot this year. I got mine late from LLG, and the venders are not yet sold out. What happened to the Black Violet that mermaid posted last year? I can't find the post.


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Aaa =

Dark Night of the Soul...

very variegated, very dark,,,doesn't seem that it is a perfect show plant though.

Yukako -

this is something that was around for 5 years, I think. Excellent plant, easy, grows naturally well and easy to propagate - gives suckers - not too many, but enough to keep them growing. Plus holds to the flowers for long time.


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Dark Night of the Soul is absolutely stunning. I go crazy for variegated miniatures and semi-miniatures, so I stared at that one a while! Okay, more than a while. :)

Is it commercially available? I did see it listed as unavailable on the Cedar Creek Violets site.

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I remember years ago, I was working as a grower for Hines Color and the big thing one year was when the Wave Petunias were new. Holy man, 2 acres of those things and every last flat made it out the door.

It seems like the black flowers are hit or miss, although this year it seems every garden is filled with the black and the black/yellow petunias.

So maybe it will be the year of black and the demand for the Dark Night will really take off for the hybridizer. :D

Sorry, it's 8am on a Saturday and I'm a-ramblin'!

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